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Construction Progress
Monitoring and Reporting

Our services here follow on as an extension from project development and focus on the technical aspect of projects. Through these services, we usually arrange a consultancy agreement with our clients and provide an independant analysis of the on-going construction of a project. We do not take responsibility for the construction progress monitoring but we provide our own expert opinion on the progress of a project including our recommendations.

Defelo Estate

Investment Analysis

Managing property portfolio’s is an essential part of wealth management. At Defelo we only focus on investment analysis of property-related assets and real estate portfolios. In house and through our trusted associates we are confident that we can provide valuable, tailor-made wealth management advice specific to real estate investments. 

Defelo Estate

Property Management

We are currently offering property management services exclusively in Cyprus. Our in-house team will make sure you become a carefree property owner that only deals with their properties when they feel like doing so. We will arrange everything from maintenance, tenancies, sales, marketing and even collections on your behalf. Our fees will vary according to our clients needs.

Defelo Estate

Site Analysis

We provide detailed site analysis at Defelo that covers the preliminary phase of architectural and urban design processes. Our site analysis deals with climatic, geographical, historical, legal, and the infrastructural context of a specific site. All our site analysis are done using an expert team of professionals and all reports and diagrams are will be available in electronic form once the analysis is complete.

Defelo Estate

Project Appraisal

Our Project appraisals are all about establishing the viability of a project. We consider our project appraisals like feasibility studies that businesses conduct. Our expertise lies mainly in the technical and financial aspects of project appraisals given our experience in construction and finance.


Defelo Estate

Project Development

Project development has been the cornerstone expertise of our company President for over 30 years. During his time time overseas as Senior Executive with two International Project Development Groups based in the Middle East, he developed many projects including airports, communities, bridges, roads and even a zoo. Project development is the field where we possess a long standing expertise. We will guide our clients through all the stages of a project development; initiation, planning, implementation, performance monitoring and closing. 

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