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Our mission

Our mission at Defelo is to help you establish and maintain your own real estate portfolio. We believe real estate can be your window into sustaining you and your family’s ideal lifestyle for generations to come.

Our vision

Through our property portfolios and our associates we aim to offer tailor-made advice to our clients helping them make the right choice on how, what, when and why to buy a property.

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“Searching for a dream home within budget, that too in Rajarhat is a critical job for anybody. We knew this but still ventured into it looking for something close to our heart, and a envy for others. ”
Defelo Estate

Project Development

Project development has been the cornerstone expertise of our company President for over 30 years. During his time as group CEO at Wade Adams, Dubai, our President developed many projects including airports, communities, bridges, roads and even a zoo.

Defelo Estate

Project Appraisal

Our Project appraisals are all about establishing the viability of a project. We consider our project appraisals like feasibility studies that businesses conduct. Our expertise lies mainly in the technical and financial aspects of project appraisals given our experience in construction and finance.

Defelo Estate

Property Management

We are currently offering property management services exclusively in Cyprus. Our in-house team will make sure you become a carefree property owner that only deals with their properties when they feel like doing so. We will arrange everything from maintenance, tenancies, sales, marketing and more.

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Is a family-owned Real Estate company which is invests in strategic properties around the globe with the aim of creating income & growth.


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